Modeling Capacitive Coupling Effects Via the Substrate


AUTHORS: A.J. van Genderen, N.P. van der Meijs, and E. Schrik

VENUE: Discussion paper, 2005, Delft, The Netherlands

ABSTRACT - For modern integrated circuits, capacitive coupling effects between interconnects can play an important role. Also resistive couping effects via the substrate may have a significant influence on circuit behavior. This has already been recognized some time ago, and several methods to model these effects have been developed. In this paper we will show how we can model coupling effects that propagate through capacitances as well as through substrate resitances. We will describe a 3 dimensional model that allows you to accurately and efficiently model these effects. It extends work that has previously been reported. We will give results that indicate that in some cases capacitive coupling effects via the substrate may severely degenerate circuit performance.

Interconnect substrate coupling model

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