About OptEM

OptEM's Calgary office

Incorporated in 1992, OptEM Engineering Inc. is a privately owned computer-aided engineering (CAE) and electronic design automation (EDA) software and consulting services company specializing in the electromagnetic and signal integrity analysis of electronic interconnects. OptEM's software and services focus on interconnect design, extraction, modeling and analysis. Applications include deep-submicron ICs, advanced IC packages, and connector / cable systems. Customers are located worldwide and support is conducted from OptEM's head office located in Calgary, Canada, together with local distributors.

OptEM's software tools are specifically targeted to analyze interconnects of high-speed designs. Fabrication information and standard design datafiles are used throughout all of OptEM's software products to simplify the input process. On output, the software provides a variety of detailed reports, interconnect SPICE models, reflection and crosstalk values, S-parameter plots, and other critical signal integrity information for design engineers.

The combination of shrinking feature size, increased packing density, increased interconnect length, and faster clock rates have created new challenges for engineers developing high-performance digital and analog systems. OptEM provides extraction, modeling, electromagnetic and signal integrity analysis solutions for today's design challenges.

Mission Statement

"To optimize (Opt-) the electromagnetic (-EM) performance of electronic interconnect through the development of innovative software products and a commitment to customer service."

Markets Served

OptEM offers a wide range of software products for high-speed analog, digital, and mixed-signal design with a specific focus on electromagnetic and signal integrity analysis of electronic interconnects. Because OptEM offers such a wide range of software products, it serves clients in various market segments such as networking, wireless, telecommunications, aerospace, computer, consumer, and print/graphics. These leading edge technology companies, which include major cabling system developers, semiconductor manufacturers, and system providers, use OptEM software to bring quality electronic products to market by identifying and correcting signal integrity design flaws prior to manufacturing.

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