Software Products

OptEM offers a range of software products that provide accurate electromagnetic and signal integrity analysis of high-speed high-performance electronic interconnects. Fabrication information and standard design datafiles are used throughout all of OptEM's software products to simplify the input process. On output, the software tools provide a variety of detailed reports, interconnect SPICE models, reflection and crosstalk values, S-parameter plots, and other critical signal integrity information for design engineers.

The software tools offered are divided between two main applications:

1) data, communication, subsea umbilical and specialty cable design, modeling and analysis, with cable/connector system modeling and

2) submicron integrated circuit (IC) device, interconnect and substrate extraction with IC package interconnect modeling and general pre-layout interconnect design.

Cable system and submicron IC tools

Cable System Design - Tools

OptEM Cable Designer

Software for the design, modeling and analysis of flex, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair (TP) cables.

OptEM Connector

Software for the modeling and analysis of high-performance connectors and related interconnect media.

Submicron IC Extraction - Tools

OptEM Inspector

RC device, interconnect and substrate extraction software for submicron analog, digital and mixed-signal ICs.

OptEM Interconnect Designer

Pre-layout parametric interconnect design and analysis software that investigates the effects of design changes on the electrical performance of a system.

OptEM Package

Post-layout verification software for the extraction, electromagnetic analysis, and modeling of package interconnects.

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