Advances in Virtual Prototyping of Data Cables



VENUE: Presented at the 1st UL and IWCS China 2017 Cable & Connectivity Symposium, April 25-27, 2017, Shanghai, China

ABSTRACT - A software environment for modeling twisted pair cables and simulating their propagation properties is discussed in the paper. A dedicated graphical interface is used for entering properties of materials and cable design data including geometry of conductors, skin-foam-skin insulation, plating, stranding, twisting, wire naming, screening and jacketing. The software then extrudes a realistic three-dimensional model of a twisted pair cable from a single cross-section. The designer can modify the virtual model of the cable, which is based on nominal dimensions and nominal material properties, to include conductor geometry defects, insulation crushing and screen and jacket deformations. The resulting model of the cable is analyzed numerically using a combination of finite element and boundary element methods for solving Maxwell's equations in frequency domain and to calculate S-parameters. It is demonstrated how the software can guide a designer to improve the quality of the cable.

Three dimensional model of a cable created from a single cross-section

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