Impact of Quad Cable Manufacturing Tolerances on NEXT


AUTHORS: J. Poltz and J. Domingue

VENUE: Presented at the 64th IWCS Conference/International Cable Connectivity Symposium, October 6-8, 2015, Atlanta, GA, USA

ABSTRACT - After testing standard quad cables used in umbilical systems a theoretical justification for near end crosstalk (NEXT) characteristics is discussed. Typical design and manufacturing parameters were introduced to modify the model and analyze their impact on simulated NEXT. It was established that only some of the parameters influence NEXT and that the uniform model of a quad cable demonstrates flat characteristics of NEXT in frequency domain. It was necessary to introduce non-uniform distribution of parameters to create a model with decaying NEXT characteristics. It was established that a quad cable with harmonic distribution of eccentricities experiences NEXT resonance similar to resonances observed in twisted pair cables. By introducing non-uniform distribution of eccentricities we were able to match simulation and measurement results. A set of recommendations for manufacturing of quad cables concludes the paper.

NEXT simulated in a non-uniform quad cable demonstrates strong resonance even if cable length is equal to eccentric wire laylength

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