Near End Crosstalk in Quad Cables


AUTHORS: J. Poltz and J. Domingue

VENUE: Presented at the 63rd IWCS/Focus Conference, November 10-12, 2014, Providence, RI, USA

ABSTRACT - The standard quad cable used in umbilical systems is studied in this paper. Typical design and manufacturing parameters are selected and their impact on unit inductance, resistance, capacitance, and conductance, and on propagation properties of the quad is studied through sensitivity analysis. Then models of 12 km long cables are created to determine the impact of individual parameters on the near end crosstalk (NEXT). It is established that only some of the parameters influence NEXT. Two samples of the cable with known wire eccentricities are measured in the laboratory. The measured NEXT is compared with NEXT simulated in models with uniform and distributed eccentricities. It is demonstrated that a combination of eccentricities in the model produce near identical simulation and measurement results. Conclusions and recommendations for manufacturing of quad cables are listed.

Eight parameters that cause NEXT plotted for frequencies 1 kHz to 1 MHz

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