Optimizing Shielded Pair Manufacturing

Best Paper Award

REFERENCE NUMBER: C17-Interwire2013

AUTHORS: J. Poltz and M. Josefsson

VENUE: Presented at the Interwire Trade Exposition, 83rd WAI Annual Convention, April 23-25, 2013, Atlanta, GA, USA

ABSTRACT - The normalized sensitivities of time delay, attenuation and characteristic impedance of a twinax cable with skin-foam-skin insulation are calculated for selected material and dimensional parameters of the cable. A method for estimation of expected tolerance of cable propagation properties based on available manufacturing tolerances and calculated sensitivities is suggested. It was established that insulation diameter and copper/skin eccentricity are responsible for the attenuation tolerance, whereas copper and skin diameters are responsible for the tolerance of characteristic impedance of the cable.

Critical design parameters for shielded twisted-pair cable

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