Measurement & Modeling of Insertion Loss in Cables with Helical Screens


AUTHORS: M. Josefsson and J. Poltz

VENUE: Presented at the 60th IWCS/Focus Conference, November 7-9, 2011, Charlotte, NC, USA

ABSTRACT - Insertion loss and return loss were measured in a number of manufactured and hand assembled Twinax cables with helical Al-PET foil screen to investigate abrupt increase of insertion loss at higher frequencies. This phenomenon, frequently identified as suck-out effect, may prevent usage of Twinax cables with helical screens in next generation networks which will require transmission speeds up to 25 Gbit/s. The objective of the paper is to show how the suck-out effect frequency can be calculated and modeled without costly manufacturing of prototypes. The paper also suggests a simple manufacturing process which still utilizes the helical screen but can push the suck out to a desired frequency range that is well above the channel requirements.

Simulated insertion loss on helical screened cable

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