Return Loss Decay at High Frequencies


AUTHORS: M. Josefsson and J. Poltz

VENUE: Presented at the 57th IWCS/Focus Conference, November 9-12, 2008, Providence, RI, USA

ABSTRACT - Results of modeling and simulating Return Loss (RL) for coaxial and twisted-pair cables and connector assemblies are discussed in the paper. First, models of raw cables were constructed and simulated using a combination of finite element and boundary element methods. Extracted frequency dependent parameters were used to create models which were subsequently used to calculate RL. The simulation was performed for the same type of raw cables and assemblies that were measured. The simulation results of raw cables did not show distinctive decay of RL at higher frequencies which were seen in the measurement results. The simulation and measurement results were analyzed in detail and reasons for the discrepancy were contributed to the presence of connectors and connecting fixtures in measurements. Only after introducing models of the connector the simulation results showed a very good correlation with the measurements.

Return loss simulation & measurement for TPC

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