Predicting High Crosstalk Frequencies in Twisted Pair Cables


AUTHORS: J. Poltz and J. Beckett

VENUE: Presented at EMC Europe, September 4-8, 2006, Barcelona, Spain

ABSTRACT - A mechanism of coupling between different lay length pairs is discussed in the paper. The existence of distinct frequency points below 1 GHz, for which high near end crosstalk is measured was discussed in our earlier works. Since these frequency points are also clearly visible in simulated behavior of a twisted pair cable, we decided to examine the equivalent network components and find the source of the coupling. We found repetition patterns in mutual inductance, capacitance, resistance and conductance, which are responsible for high coupling profiles. Behavior of the cable above 1 GHz is discussed and useful cable design guidelines are provided.

Simulated NEXT for diagonal pairs; 'across' for pairs twisted in same direction, 'across-rev' for pairs twisted in opposite directions.

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